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WritersMatt Slick, Luke Wayne

# Date Title Author
64 3/17/2018 A Mormon stays Mormon based on his feelings Matt Slick
63 3/10/2018 Rastafari Luke Wayne
62 3/2/2018  Are “Easter eggs” biblical? Luke Wayne
61 2/27/2018 What is the History of the Easter Holiday? Luke Wayne
60 2/26/2018 Roman Catholic apologist John S Martignoni deals with Mary’s atonement Matt Slick
59 2/25/2018 Mary’s Atonement, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, by Ott, page 213 Matt Slick
58 2/24/2018 Matthew 19:16-22 and keeping the commandments to be saved. Matt Slick
57 2/23/2018 What is Palm Sunday? Luke Wayne
56 2/23/2018 Roman Catholic Robert J Sledz’ conversation with Matt Slick on Col. 2:14 Matt Slick
55 2/22/2018 Discussion with two Mormons about truth, the gospel, and feelings Matt Slick
54 2/20/2018 Alma 5 and the Book of Mormon’s Plagiarism of the New Testament Luke Wayne
53 2/20/2018 What does the Bible mean by the term Body of Christ? Matt Slick
52 2/20/2018 Catholic Apologist John S. Martignoni, Matt Slick, and Matthew 6:15 Matt Slick
51 2/19/2018 Justin Martyr and Transubstantiation Luke Wayne
50 2/17/2018 Does Matthew 25:31-46 teach salvation by works? Matt Slick
49 2/17/2018 Questions for Roman Catholics about Mary Matt Slick
48 2/17/2018 Questions for Roman Catholics about the Saints hearing our prayers Matt Slick
47 2/13/2018 Regeneration verses Religion Matt Slick
46 2/13/2018 Does the Didache Teach the Eucharist as a Propitiatory Sacrifice? Luke Wayne
45 2/13/2018 Tertullian and Transubstantiation Luke Wayne
44 2/12/2018 What is Lent? Luke Wayne
43 2/10/2018 Does the Bible say anything about palm reading? Matt Slick
42 2/10/2018 Is it possible for me to mess up God’s plan for my life? Matt Slick
41 2/10/2018 Table comparison of Church Fathers by topic Matt Slick
40 2/9/2018 Who was Melchizedek? Matt Slick
39 2/8/2018 Did Justin Martyr Teach the Eucharist as a Propitiatory Sacrifice? Luke Wayne
38 2/7/2018 Must there always be twelve living apostles in the church? Luke Wayne
37 2/4/2018 What is the Adamic Covenant? Matt Slick
36 2/3/2018 Is it okay for Christians to read horoscopes? Matt Slick
35 2/2/2018 U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God Matt Slick
34 2/2/2018 Questions on Sacred Tradition Matt Slick
33 2/2/2018 If Jesus sits at God’s right hand, doesn’t that make Him lower than God? Luke Wayne
32 2/1/2018 Do we need Church authority to properly interpret Scripture? Matt Slick
31 1/31/2018 Does 2 Peter 1:20 mean we can’t interpret scripture on our own? Matt Slick
30 1/31/2018 If faith alone is needed for salvation, then are demons saved because they believe in God? Luke Wayne
29 1/29/2018 What is the Day of Judgment? Luke Wayne
28 1/26/2018 How many books are there in the Bible? Luke Wayne
27 1/26/2019 If Jesus was already God, what does it mean that He was “given” authority and the name above all names? Luke Wayne
26 1/25/2018 A Mormon bears witness of Joseph Smith Matt Slick
25 1/25/2018 Should we believe scripture above Tradition and the Church Councils? Matt Slick
24 1/23/2018 How do you know which God is the real God? Luke Wayne
23 1/23/2018 Is it okay for Christians to sing happy birthday? Luke Wayne
22 1/23/2018 Why do we have to die? Matt Slick
21 1/22/2018 What does it mean to be unequally yoked? Matt Slick
20 1/22/2018 Why is there something rather than nothing?  Why does anything exist? Matt Slick
19 1/20/2018 Did the author of the Quran understand the Trinity? Luke Wayne
18 1/20/2018 Why are atheists hated? Matt Slick
17 1/19/2018 Is Jesus going to be a man forever? Matt Slick
16 1/18/2018 Why did God make me gay? Matt Slick
15 1/17/2018 What is the material principle and formal principle of the Reformation? Matt Slick
14 1/16/2018 Why does God need praise? Matt Slick
13 1/15/2018 What is kemetic orthodoxy spirituality? Matt Slick
12 1/10/2018 Where does the Bible say that Homosexuality is a sin? Luke Wayne
11 1/10/2018 What is christalignment and destiny cards? Matt Slick
10 1/10/2018 What is a reprobate mind? Matt Slick
9 1/9/2018 Is Matthew 28:19 a later addition to Matthew’s Gospel? Luke Wayne
8 1/9/2018 If God is all powerful, why doesn’t He just destroy Satan? Luke Wayne
7 1/9/2018 What is a freethinker? Matt Slick
6 1/8/2018 What are some of the signs of being a lukewarm Christian? Matt Slick
5 1/8/2018 What is a lukewarm Christian? Matt Slick
4 1/8/2018 Are there different kinds of atheists? Matt Slick
3 1/8/2018 Does the Lord’s Prayer really say “lead us not into temptation?” Luke Wayne
2 1/6/2018 Quakers Matt Slick
1 1/5/2018 If there is only one God, why are there so many different religions? Luke Wayne