Yeah, good times.  So, there I was Saturday thinking about rebuilding my computer.  It had been getting just a little buggy and because I’m a bit anal, I decided to rebuild it. Not a problem because I was a computer tech for five years at a major company.  I decided to take the plunge this weekend and give it a go. Now, there are dumb mistakes to make and there are stupid mistakes to make. Guess which one I did?  If you know anything about partitions on hard drives, this will make sense.  I decided to reinstall Windows 10 clean on an SSD hard drive. So, I deleted the old partition…. iooops, on the data drive….. by accident….. because I wasn’t thinking…. because I wasn’t paying any attention……  s t u p i d   m i s t a k e.  But, a while back I was smart enough to purchase a backup service:  carbonite.  Whew!  So, my smartness saved me from my stupidness.  All I have to do now is wait for my kabillion articles and things to download again and I’m as good as new.  So, what did I learn from this? I don’t know because it’ll all depend on how it goes next time.