So I’m on Facebook posting in a rabidly anti-Christian Pro atheistic group. Apparently someone gave me access because I never requested it. That happens a lot on Facebook or people want me to jump in and talk. The first thing I noticed was that they are full of hatred, misrepresentation, mockery, pride,  and a profound  ignorance of biblical theology. But, I’m not surprised because that is what I see as being spiritually typical. Romans 1:18-31 talks about the judgment of God upon people while they are alive. That judgment is that they are given over to the depravity of their hearts and their minds to believe lies.  What I find interesting is that I see this regularly occur where people who are apparently given over to such depravity, go above and beyond the judgment and display true levels of inane bigotry that are aimed at anything Christian. I’m not putting the link here because I don’t want people to encourage them. Nevertheless, this is something I’ve observed far too often among atheists. By the way,  a similar attitude is found among Muslims. I’m not exactly sure why but they also are usually is invective  as the atheists.